Shopping for the alkaline vegan lifestyle

  • Shopping For The Alkaline Lifestyle

The first place to start is in the grocery store, keep your pantry full of alkaline staples. Spelt flour and pasta, wild rice, quinoa, chickpeas and chickpea flour, date sugar, etc… and all your favorite alkaline foods. I like to start at the less expensive Sprouts, go to Trader Joes, and end at the more expensive Whole Foods. The more you shop, the more you figure out where to get your best deals. Online is also good for dry staples, I like Thrive Market and Vitacost- try to buy in large bulk and save on shipping, they offer free shipping on purchases over a certain dollar amount. Organic vegetables should always be bought OUT of the bag, pre washed and cut vegetables are sometimes 100% marked up, and if they are not organic (which they definitely should be) they are washed in chlorine. Try going to your local farmers market on the last day to receive a bigger discount (they don’t want to take produce back with them, and they are more likely to give you a bigger discount on the last day) also shop at your local co-op for discounted produce and staples. Step outside your box and try the local ethnic markets for specific alkaline foods - burro bananas can be found at your local Latin market along with sour sop. Indian grocery stores carry large bags of chickpea flour for a fraction of what you would pay at Wholefoods. Try the Asian markets for Nori and other Seaweed paper. You get the idea…. The easiest way to stay on track is to stay prepared, keep your pantry full of alkaline staples, and keep fresh Organic vegetables and fruit always on hand. I’m literally at the grocery store every other day (fresh food with no preservatives has a very short lifespan, but that’s a good thing).

Remember that REAL healthcare is in your food!

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